Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles Late Pledge


Thank you for your interest in Sword & Sorcery – Ancient Chronicles. If this is the first time you use our Pledge Manager, read carefully the instructions below. ♦ IMPORTANT: Do not add items from other sections of our e-commerce system! 

Late pre-orders for Sword & Sorcery Ancient Chronicles are now possible, with limited quantities, if you missed our project on Kickstarter. 

You can find out more about Ancient Chronicles on our campaign page. Just request any of the listed Pledge bundles as you would for products in any normal e-commerce website, and check out.  Your pre-order will be fulfilled at the time we ship the second wave of Kickstarter rewards (estimated: December 2021/ January 2022).  

This page is only for late pledges. If you need to modify or add anything to your previous order, please contact leonardo.rina@aresgames.eu.

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