WELCOME TO THE S&S: Abyssal Legends Pledge Manager

Thank you for supporting Sword & Sorcery: Abyssal Legends. Using this Pledge Manager, you will be able to select your rewards and provide us with the essential information to ship them. Late pledges are also possible, if you missed our project on Kickstarter.

 ♦ IMPORTANT: Don’t mix items from this Kickstarter project with items in other sections of the e-commerce system (e.g. “Board Games”, “Other items”) in the same order. Conflicting items will be removed from your cart.

To Pledge Sword & Sorcery Abyssal Legend: 

  1. First, select at least one of the Pledge Rewards. Then, select any Add-ons you want to include.
  2. If you are a Kickstarter Backer: follow the instructions indicated below to transfer your Kickstarter pledge to this pledge manager.
    If you did not take part in our Kickstarter and you are doing a late pledge now: just add the items you want to the cart, then checkout. 
    If you are a RETAILER: please follow the instructions you received by mail, or contact leonardo.rina[at]aresgames.eu for more information.
  • As a Kickstarter backer, you received an e-mail with your Pledge Coupon.
  • If, on Kickstarter, you pledged for an Abyssal Legends Pledge or an Abyssal Champion Pledge you also received a Merlin Coupon.
  • Before checking out, you must add your Coupon codes (Pledge and/or Merlin):
    ♦ The Pledge Coupon will deduct the amount you already pledged on Kickstarter from the total of your shopping cart.
    ♦ The 
    Merlin Coupon will add a free copy of “Merlin – Deluxe Hero Pack” to your order.

If you request multiple copies of Abyssal Legends Pledge or Abyssal Champion Pledge, and you use your Merlin Coupon, we will send automatically a number of “Merlin – Deluxe Hero Pack” equal to the number of full pledges you requested (don’t worry if only one Merlin Deluxe Hero pack shows up in your order).

  • You can add to your cart multiple copies of Sword & Sorcery Abyssal Legends pledges before checking out.
  • We cannot ship to PO Boxes. You must provide a physical address, and a phone number.
  • IMPORTANT! Don’t mix items from this page with items in other sections of the e-commerce system (e.g. “Other items”, “Board Games”) in the same order. We cannot service an order mixing Kickstarter products and normal products.
  • Once payment is completed, your order will show up as “Processing” and will remain in that status until the Kickstarter fulfillment is completed.

Refunds can be requested at any time before product ships. All refunds are subject to a cancelation fee of 10% for bank and handling fees, unless different local regulations apply. If you want to request a refund after completing payment, contact us using our contact form.

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